10 Best Bars in Cleveland For Craft Beer

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To find the best craft beer bars in Cleveland, you need not look far. You see, there are two things we really care about here in Cleveland. The first one is hands down Cleveland sports, namely the Browns. The second is the beer we drink while watching said sports.

Incredibly, the Cleveland brewery scene has exploded over the past 5 or so years, and there are now over 30 breweries in the area to explore. However, you may not always want to go to a brewery for your beer. After all, the most serious ones don’t always have a food menu or may not be in an area you want to visit.

The good news is that you can still support local Cleveland businesses by visiting the below places that have great craft beer selections. These various bars and restaurants have beer that will please even the most snobbiest of beer snobs, like my wonderful husband. Believe me – he is such a snob and very hard to impress when it comes to good craft beer.

If you love craft beer, you NEED to check out the places I’ve listed below. They are in no particular order, although I did try to organize the best craft beer bars by location in Cleveland. I’ve personally visited them all, and can attest that they have amazing brews for all tastes!

10 Best Craft Beer Bars in Cleveland

#1 – Buckeye Beer Engine (Lakewood)

There are some places I go to for the first time and love immediately, and Buckeye Beer Engine is one of them. I think it’s because it’s got that really divey atmosphere that I’m into, but with really good burgers and craft beer.

While their craft beer selection can be a bit hit or miss at times, they occasionally get some really good stuff, such as Oil of Aphrodite from Jackie O’s. However, I can let their off moments go, since their “red-eye” food menu has been there for me so many times in the late night hours.


Go to Buckeye Beer Engine during happy hour on Mondays for their $10 burger + beer special. Also, they tend to save their best kegs for certain times throughout the year, such as Beer Week. Keep an eye out for their special event announcements on social media!

#2 – Sauced Taproom (Lakewood)

Sauced is a great bar for craft beer, as they have a huge selection of all varieties on tap. It’s a newer spot, and actually just celebrated its 1 year anniversary. I like it because it normally doesn’t get too busy, so it’s easy to pop in for a quick drink. They have so many options, and there is always bound to be something there you would like. They have a great mixture of local craft beer favorites, as well as good finds from around the country.

You probably don’t want to come here if you’re hungry for a full meal. Sauced does have some snacks though, namely pizza and loaded fries. We did try them, and while the portion isn’t huge, they are rather tasty. I would come here primarily for drinks with food as more of an afterthought.

craft beer tasting paddle at sauced - best craft beer bars in Cleveland

#3 – Lizardville (Lakewood)

Every year around Thanksgiving, some of the most amazing dark beers ever come to the Cleveland area, and Lizardville is always a place we stop during that time. The Winking Lizard is the main restaurant chain that you’ll see around the Cleveland area, which can also have decent craft beer. However, for those with the crazy high standards that my hubby has – if you log your beer into an app you’re probably one of them! – Lizardville will have what you need.

Lizardville is located below the Winking Lizard in Lakewood. It’s somewhat small, but has a large wall covered in rows and rows of craft beer. If that’s your thing, you’ll feel like a kid in a candy shop! They get good stuff on tap too, which you can enjoy in the hipster vibes of the bar area.

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#4 – Deagan’s (Lakewood)

Deagan’s is a great spot that can fly under the radar a bit. I love it because it’s convenient to where I live, and is an easy place to default to for food when deciding not to cook at the last minute. Second, they always have some sort of decent beer on tap. Third, the part I maybe love the most, is that they are never overly crowded. Oh how I hate crowded places!

Deagan’s really impressed me last year during beer week, which comes to Cleveland annually in October. The line up of dark beers was like nothing I had ever seen, and we sure did over indulge in all that goodness. I have no regrets, even though we were flying out to Iceland the next day and I ended up having to take an extra half day off from work to pack. Oh well!

row of stout samples at deagans during beer week

#5 – Rozi’s (Lakewood)

If I had to choose one of the best craft beer bars in Cleveland to recommend from this list, it would be Rozi’s. They consistently bring in top notch brews that are both locally made and from other awesome craft beer markets. They maintain relationships with some of Ohio’s best breweries, such as Jackie O’s. This ensures that there is always something delicious on tap.

Rozi’s is technically a beer and wine store, but yes, they do keep beer on tap at all times. I highly recommend stopping in and having a drink on their Detroit Road patio. You can check for a beer you like before hand, as they usually post what’s on tap on their website or Facebook page.


Stop into Rozi’s for a beer the Friday after Thanksgiving if you love stouts and all things bourbon barrel. They get in a crazy selection that is unlike anything you’ll see all year long. You won’t be sorry!

exterior of rozi's on detroit road - best craft beer bars cleveland

#6 – Town Hall (Ohio City)

Town Hall is like the popular kid in school, and resides in hip Ohio City. It’s definitely where the youths go, although anyone can enjoy this place. In fact, when Khloe Kardashian was dating Tristan Thompson, you could sometimes see her here on KUWTK with her posse.

It’s actually one of the best craft beer bars in Cleveland for nightlife, although a table cannot always be guaranteed. The good thing is that they always have a lot of good craft beers available, including Willoughby’s Peanut Butter Cup Porter – a local favorite. Plus, every beer is somehow $5. They do not however, all come in the same size glass. That’s where they get you.

Other reasons to visit Town Hall include their large heated patio, which can be enjoyed even as the weather cools down. They also have a good food menu, which among nachos and such, includes some fresh healthy options to balance out your beer consumption.

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#7 – Tremont Taphouse (Tremont)

Tremont Taphouse, in Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood, is where I go when I want a somewhat nice dinner without being too fancy. This is also a spot that has great beers available year round, as well as some amazing stuff around Thanksgiving. Last year they had Bourbon County from Goose Island, which is coveted around these parts like a rare Pokémon card. At least, I think? I never really got into Pokémon.

Anyhow, this is a great spot for some fun evening atmosphere, including for such events as watching a game. They also have a lovely brunch on the weekends, which you can have with beer if you want (no judgement – it’s a safe space).

#8 – City Tap (Downtown)

Although City Tap can get a small selection of snobby beers from time to time, it is 100% not a snobby place. They have a huge selection of craft beer on tap, which for the most part is quite affordable. The best way to drink a beer at City Tap is with a basket of loaded tots. Try these once, and you’ll be thinking about them for the rest of your life. Especially late at night when you’ve had a drink or two!

#9 – Beerhead (The Flats)

If you want to spend an evening sipping craft beer on the waters of the Cuyahoga River, Beerhead is the perfect option for you. Located in The Flats, they have a nice mixture of local beers from breweries like Masthead and Saucy, but they also have beers sourced from throughout the region. Of the many spots to visit in the flats, Beerhead is among the most laid back, and in summer the front of the bar even opens onto a small patio facing the water.

glass of stout with vintage photos in the background at beerhead - best craft beer bars in Cleveland

#10 – Banter (Gordon Square)

Banter is a bit similar to Rozi’s in that it is a wine and beer store with a bar inside and a small tap list. The differences are that it is more modern and minimalistic with a smaller selection, and it has a delicious food menu. Their food has even been featured on the Food Network a handful of times!

When we visited Banter, they were having a Modern Times Brewery tap takeover. I was very happy to see a coffee stout among the options, and ended up really liking this place. I just need to go back so I can try the poutine fries!

• • •

As you can see, the best craft beer bars in Cleveland offer plenty of variety for different tastes and atmospheres. You may prefer to visit some for date night and others to watch the game, but regardless of what you choose, you will definitely find plenty of tasty brews to enjoy.

Your guide to the best bars in Cleveland, OH for Craft beer lovers.  From Downtown to Lakewood, one of the best attractions and things to do in the Cleveland are is sip locally made craft beer.  Some of these amazing places even have restaurants with patios for summer, or stylish interiors for the cold Cleveland winter.  There is no shortage of amazing craft beer bars in Cleveland to enjoy! #clevelandohio #clevelandcraftbeer #clevelandnightlife #clevelandrestaurants #clevelandthingstodo #downtowncleveland #lakewoodohio #clevelandattractions

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