St. John, USVI: Why It’s My Favorite Place Ever

Cinnamon Bay Beach - St John USVI

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I’m super excited recently, and it’s not just because Christmas is almost here.  My husband and I are making our return to St. John, USVI very soon, and I seriously cannot wait!  Full disclosure, I’m very spoiled because trips to St. John are usually an annual event in my family.  It is something I am both lucky and grateful to have married into. 

Unfortunately, we had to skip this trip last year due to Irma, so it’ll be the first time since the hurricanes that we will be visiting this island paradise.  I was really sad and nervous when the hurricanes hit, as I wasn’t sure St. John would ever be the same.  I checked the news every day for a while for updates on electricity returning and businesses rebuilding.  Thankfully, the island has made great strides since all the destruction.  There may still be some scars, but I’m still just so excited that the island is ready to have visitors again.

View from Chateau Bordeaux - St. John USVI

Why I love St. John, USVI So Much

St. John, USVI truly is a treasure in the Caribbean.  Other than the cumbersome journey to get there, it is the least complicated trip I have ever taken.  Every day we basically either hang out by the pool or go to the beach.  The hardest decision is picking a beach.  The struggle is so real, I don’t know how we manage.  There is no need to worry about dressing up, as there really aren’t any “nice” places.  It’s just not that kind of island, as it’s really not all that built up with resorts.  I don’t even bother to dry my hair after I shower all week, and just let the sun take care of it.  I actually hate drying my hair, so I use beachy saltwater infused wavy hair as a means of avoiding it. 

Water view beyond trees - St John USVI

How We Spend Time On St. John

As I mentioned, the beach is pretty critical.  This usually includes getting way too much sun, which I’ve accepted thanks to my lack of pigment.  Of course, we always have to bring painkillers to the beach, which is kind of the official drink of the Virgin Islands.  There’s a version at every bar.  

The side affect of painkillers and burgers from our favorite spot, Skinny Legs, does result in some bloating.  To fix this my husband and I toss a football on the beach.  When that gets old, we kayak over the clear Caribbean waters at Cinnamon Bay.  If we’re feeling really motivated, we climb the long, bumpy unpaved road leading up to our rental.  Bye bye painkillers, and hello more room for key lime pie!

Girl petting donkey - St John USVI

We Can Truly Unplug Here

We expect things to go wrong because they always do.  That’s what happens when you travel to a tiny island in the middle of the sea.  However, what you get is the simplicity that comes from being cut off from the rest of the busy world.  We appreciate the poor cell signal, knowing that technology cannot take us out of our vacation mode. 

So yes, we are returning back to this little slice of paradise again this year, where we will repeat this same routine again.  Maybe we’ll even drink a couple more painkillers than usual to throw a bit of extra money at this still-recovering post-hurricane island nation.

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